Following the extremly successfull MRC:01 (still on sale at Bruichladdich has recently announced the OLC:01 2010. As you may have guessed from the name OLC:01 stands for Oloroso Cask, actually hogsheads to be precised which are 225-250l and in which the whisky has been finished for 2 years. This smaller volume gives more opportunity for the liquid to exchange flavors with the cask compared to the more classical Butts (475-500l). It gives an impression of complex and older whisky even though it stayed only 2 years in these Fernando de Castilla's oloroso hogsheads. Interesting to note that for the 8 years before that, the distillate was put into a mix of ex-Bourbon, ex-Syrah and ex-Natural Sweet Wine casks. We can imagine what a great mix of flavors.

It is bottled at a very generous cask strength of 55.1% ABV and the retail expected price is set to be a bit under £100. Of course, as any Port Charlotte whisky from Bruichladdich, you can expect a very heavily peated dram. We hope to find it very quickly at our partner shops at Meanwhile don't hesitate to browse the very excellent products from the Bruichladdich distillery.

Bruichladdich, like all the other Islay distilleries, has been very sad to have to cancel the Fèis Ìle Festival due to the coronavirus, but, as many others, they are organizing various online events. If you want to catch up with them we invite you to check their very active Facebook page.