A few weeks ago Glenlivet has released a very interesting beautifully packaged box that includes three small 20cl bottles of NAS whisky: Spectra 01, Spectra 02 and Spectra 03. The Speyside distillery has decided to play it very secret with this release by not giving any information about these three bottlings except it's (low?) ABV of 40%.

Not giving tasting notes, cask information nor age statement is a decision by the distillery in order to challenge the drinker without any premade idea about the dram he or she is going to have. The Spectra is not the first secret release by Glenlivet that already released, Alpha, Cipher or Code which were all three very well received by the community. Once again Glenlivet master distiller Alan Winchester was put to work for this release.

It is interesting to note that this time Glenlivet has created a whole digital experience linked to the three whiskies to be tasted. Thanks to a QR code on the box you'll have the opportunity to discover what makes these three whiskies unique while tasting them.

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